Choosing a Sausage Stuffer for Making Sausage at Home

Once you start making your own homemade sausage, your going to want to get a sausage stuffer. You will find that most of the homemade sausage recipes you choose to make will require the sausage to be stuffed into casings. When it comes to sausage stuffers there are many kinds to choose from. You can use a small manual type to push the sausage into your casings or you can go with the larger manual stuffer. It all depends on the amount of sausage you are going to be stuffing at a time, and the amount of money you would like to spend.

Small manual sausage stuffers are a great option if your making a small amount of homemade sausage at a time. These can typically make about three pounds of sausage at a time. They are made from stainless steel, aluminum, or cast iron which makes them all easy to clean after you make your homemade sausage. The best feature of these small sausage stuffers is the price. They typically can be purchasedfor about $50. Not a bad option, especially if you’re just starting out.

Larger manual sausage stufferscan hold much more sausage at a time. With capacities between 5 to 50 pounds, these sausage stuffers make sausage stuffing a breeze. They come in either vertical or horizontal models. The vertical sausage stuffersare gear driven, and press down on the sausage forcing it into the stuffing tube. Horizontal sausage stuffers lay flat on the counter with the crank on one side and the stuffing tube on the other. With both hands going in opposite directions, it makes for a difficult sausage making experience. Because of this we recommend the horizontal stuffer over the vertical stuffers. Expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $400 for one of these sausage stuffers.

Are you grinding your own meat for your homemade sausage? If so, before you buy a stand alone sausage stuffer, look at the options for your grinder. Your meat grinder or Kitchen-Aid stand mixer will have attachments that allowyou to add a stuffing tube for sausage making. Although this method may be slower, it will help save you a little money.

No matter which sausage stuffer you choose, remember to have fun. Sausage making  is a great hobby for the whole family. In no time you will be turning out batch after batch of homemade sausage for your family and friends. Start your search for your own sausage stuffer here.